Do Delaware roos develop slowly?


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Nov 9, 2008
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My Coop
My 11 week olds were to include 1 Lakenvelder roo and 1 Delaware roo. The Lakenvelder has matured to a beautiful cockerel, and has begun to crow. I can't differentiate the Delaware roo and hen. I'm wondering if Delawares develop slowly or if I have 2 hens.
Depends. Generally, they are fast maturing. Hatchery line Delawares or breeder lines of Delawares? Where did you get them? You can tell you a rooster from a hen by their markings at that age. Just post some pics and I'm sure those with Dels can tell you.
My breeder quality Delawares were crowing at nine weeks old and at 15 weeks old, they look like they're 20 weeks old.

Check out this thread of mine about my own at 11 Wks
I like your photos. Mine now are 11 weeks old and show none of the rooster-like characteristics in your photos. I got them as day old chicks from Meyer's. I have 12 chickens, 7 different breeds, and the 2 Delawares are the sweetest of the bunch. Here are their pics from a couple of weeks ago. At least if they are both hens I won't have to decide between one of them and my beautiful Lakenvelder cockerel.

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