Do ducks eat goathead stickers???


May 6, 2015
Hi, I have heard ducks will eat goatheads and help to keep them down around your property. Since I have a huge goathead problems this seems like a great reason to have ducks. So I got a dozen of them. Partly to keep the stickers down and partly to have something for the kids to take care of. Plus they are hilarious to watch.

Will ducks eat them??? Do they eat just the plant before it grows the nasty lil stickers or will they eat the stickers too??? Any help would be great because I am having trouble finding any information on this.
I'm not sure if they will eat them but I will say I wouldn't let my ducks into a patch once they have stickers. Those stickers will stab right into/through your ducks' feet which will then lead to pain and bumblefoot in no time. I got rid of the ones in my yard by buying pulling them up constantly and by buying and releasing puncture vine weevils every year.

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