Do eggs get bigger???


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Sep 22, 2010
Got my first two eggs yesterday. They were kinda puny - like pigeon eggs. I have standard sex links. Will their eggs get bigger as they get older ??? (they are approx. 21 weeks)
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Although I am new to raising chickens, our eggs have gotten noticeably larger and the shell is darker. Today we got a VERY large egg in comparison to the rest. Our chicks are about the same age as yours. Got them this past spring. Here's a pic of "The Biggun!"

my barred rock chicks came on on April 22 and I got my first two eggs today. Both were small and one of them had a paper thin shell. This is pretty normal. They do get bigger as they go along.
Oh good! My initial intention was not so much egg production, but to give my birds a good life. But jeezers - after all I spent..some normal sized eggs would be nice!!! Thanks for putting my mind to rest!
I had a gob of egg goo and a squashed rubber egg two days ago too! So far... 2 misfires and 2 small proper eggs. I will blow out the proper eggs and gold leaf them to remind me how much I spent getting this started!!

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