Do I have to feed my hens a layer if I have a rooster?


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Put them on all flock or grower and offer oyster shell on the side for the hens. Straight up corn and nothing else is not nutritionally adequate chicken feed.

I agree with that! A friend of mine @Diannastarr had a rooster that died and took it to the vet to try to find out why. Feeding the rooster that layers feed is what done him in. Roosters can't have all of that calcium like the hens do and need for the egg laying.

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My roosters have eaten layer feed all their life along with all my hens and I have 7 and 8 year old roosters. It hasn't hurt them. If I had high dollar, show quality birds I might feed them differently but a barnyard flock will get along just fine on layer.
Corn is only 6% protein and chickens need at least 16% protein in their diet. ;)


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Someone please help me.... I am new to chickens. If I have 1 rooster and 4 hens do I have to feed them a layer or can I just feed them corn.
Yes you should feed them a complete feed, preferably a layer feed if they are laying eggs.
Feeding ONLY corn with cause you many problems, it is not a complete feed.

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