Do I know what I'm gettin' into with this whole chicken raisin' thing?


6 Years
Apr 14, 2013
I adore animals. I've had a myriad of dogs, cats, rats, birds, snakes, lizards, hermit crabs, cockatoos, canaries, ducks, and bunnies. I raised five abandoned grackle hatchlings, rescued bats, treated and released injured snakes, raised pigeons, baby rabbits, baby doves, and repaired injured hummingbirds. I kiss cows and goats right smack on the mouth whenever i have the opportunity-- which, by the way was very embarrassing to my kids when I took them went to County Fair when they were little. I'm very nurturing. All my animals eat better than my family does. I hired a licensed contractor to build a coop that's nicer than my house.

And yet, as I embark on backyard chickening, I somehow fear I'm gonna mess something up. I have much to learn and am delighted to have found this site. I get my chicks tomorrow (4 females var. breeds) and I am so excited I can't hold any other thought in my head, let alone sleep. I hope I'm prepared. In many ways I'll be winging it (pun intended). My peep acquisition takes place at 10am EST, so if anyone had any advice, encouragement, or admonishment, you have 9 1/2 hours to offer it.

Thank you, friends. I'm mighty glad to be here, but nervous as a new mother. :)
Welcome to BYC from West TN, A great site to gather information. With all the practice with all you other pets you will do well. Just have to watch out for the Chicken Math.
you have the experience to handle just about everything with ease. Just believe in yourself. I think once you have the chicks around you - all the jitters will disappear
Greetings from Kansas, lastjuly, and
! Pleased you joined us! I think with your kind and nurturing spirit chickens will be a cinch for you. They aren't quite as fragile as hummingbirds! They are easy to keep and maintain - you're going to love them. Go for it!

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