Do U think bear?


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Jul 19, 2009
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A couple of nights ago we were woke up by our silent alarm,we went out on the porch to see in the darkness some thing running away,I told dh it looked like a bear,it stopped a distance away and all you could see was two eyes glowing. My husband took these pictures after the rain quit. There is pictures of mom bear and cub at local store from this summer,it was taken about 900 ft from our house. I am worried about my girls!!!!
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john in wa

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Mar 31, 2009
From the little i know bears have 4 toes in front and 5 on back paws. do a google search on bear prints in the mud. I bet you will see some prints with claw marks and some with out.


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Sep 12, 2010
Looks like front paw print of a black bear. The prints don't always show the nail imprint, especially in the soft mud due to all the rain we've had lately ( I live in NW New Jersey). A rear foot print will usually include the rear pad which includes the heel. Unlike cats, the bear's pad (both rear and front paws) is as wide as the toes. Also it does have 5 toes with the 3 middle toes being almost in a straight line, and the end toes are just slightly lower. A cat's print is almost fan shaped in comparison. I just lost one of my birds to a bear last week. Be afraid, be very afraid. He/she will be back.


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Go to Redsnap', they have a how to section. If your questions are not answered there, ask their experts. I have used electric fence with great success. But if the bear wants in, it will get in. One thing that might work for you is a radio. Keep it on 24/7, on a talk show station. May sound strange but if I only had one way to keep a bear out, this is what I would use. Music stations do not work. Has something to do with the sound of a juman voice.

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