Do you name all of your chicks?


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Apr 13, 2015
I have 14 chicks and I have no idea how to go about naming them. They all look so much alike!!! The only ones I know for sure are Mumble, Nosy and Pecker Head. Mumble is my only boy I think and he has this crazy squawk so I can tell him apart, Nosy is my biggest White Wyandotte and Pecker is one of my Buff Rocks and she has these weird white feathers that are coming out of her head lol. How did you go about naming your chicks?
I kind of let them name themselves, like you've done. Those are cute names!

My last batch of chicks I decided to go with traditional, old fashioned names beginning with "M". Maude, Mabel, Molly, Myrtle, and Millie. I still have a hard time telling them apart. Finger nail polish on their legs helps.

The new six coming next week, I have no idea yet as to names.
Kids do help ;) I have some named after dragons, my rooster is Big Bird, and of course lots of names like Spot,Dot, Squirrel, Chipmunk....princesses are the new far there's Belle, Cindy(erella), and Aurora...I can't tell, I call them all "Chicky chicky", except Big Bird, he knows his name and comes running when he hears it :D
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We have just under 100 'pet' chickens and ducks, ALL are named...The only time it was difficult was naming a large hatch we planned to keep...We would then name one or two at a time as they stood out, then the rest...Especially when they look alike, only naming a couple makes it easier, for me at least...
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We have 7 chicks and they all have names. My older kids each have a chick that's "their" chick so they named them - my oldest son's (7) black Australorp is "Rosie", my middle son's (5) Easter Egger is "Strong White Pepper". We have 3 Lavender Orpingtons that husband and I named "Mary", "Martha" and "Murphy" , a Brown Orpington which is my husband's bird he named "Sam" because we weren't sure if it was a girl or a boy and my Red Sex Link is "Gertrude".
We got two Sex Links last week. We named one Penny (from Big Bang Theory), and the other my middle son named Lucy. She's got a redder head than the other one, so he thought of Lucy from Despicable Me 2, and I think of her as Lucille Ball. So either way, it works. We're due to get 5 more probably today. There's 5 of us in the family, so if they all arrive living, we'll each get to name one. I want our Buff Orpington to be Charlotte, after the new princess. I'm weird.
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My son tagged each chick with an alphabet bead so he could better identify them when recording their stats for his merit badge work so we have named all but two according to their bead letter.

B for Betty
C for Charlotte (who thinks she is a duck and is always always always hanging out in the water dish)
D for Dinah
E is Speckles (he's a BA with a lot of spots on his neck)
F is Frazee (crazy Frazee - definitely the alpha chick)

And it goes from there.

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