Do you name your birds?


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May 26, 2019
I'm wondering how many people go through and come up with names for their flock.
Please, tell me about your birds.
My family named ours, we just can't figure out who's who most the time. They're all buff Orpingtons so they don't really stand apart from one another. But we have colored bands on their legs to tell the groups apart and keep track of how old everyone is.

Our yellow band group (Nearing 2 years in late March) -
Floffy chicken, Yellow chicken, Spotty chicken, Chocobo, and Broody chicken.
We used to have a Crazy chicken too, but she disappeared when she was about six-eight months. Spotty chicken got herself into the road last year and was bumped, we rushed her to the vet but it turned out she was completely unharmed. I don't remember what Broody chicken's name used to be, no one does. So now she's named after her favorite pastime.

Our green band group (Nearing 1 year in late April)-
Peeps, Skittles, Starburst, Jelly bean, and Pie
Got these girls in around Easter last year. When Peeps was small, she got caught and had her leg broken. We had her hobbled and took her in for a week to get her back in shape. For a while, she was a lot smaller than the others because of it. She was also the most friendly of the group because of the extra hands-on care she got that week.

No band guy -
Our only Rooster, he was apart of the green band group but he lost his tag. But he's pretty easy to tell apart with his long feathers and strut. He's a pretty nice rooster I think, he's not mean but I think he'll do his best to take care of the flock.

My Orpingtons


Apr 19, 2019
Poteet, Texas
I named ours too but the only thing they answer to is the rattle of the bag of snacks!
Since our flock is still quite small(4) and all different they are easy to tell apart. My Barred Rock is Hen Solo, my Ameracauna is Princess Lay-a, Goldie is a golden sex link and Ginger is a production red. I am planning to get 2 or 3 more sometime this month.:woot


Oct 28, 2017
We name most of them. I'm terrible with names so my partner is mostly left with that responsibility :lol: We don't bother with ones we know we aren't going to keep for long, and still some that we do keep never get named. Sometimes it takes us until they are 6+ months old or so to decide if we're keeping them or not and think of a name for them!
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