Do you think a 10' roost will be long enough for 12 chickens?


9 Years
Aug 19, 2010
north central indiana
My Coop
My Coop
The kind I have are in my signature. The coop will be 10' and I don't really want to add a 2nd roost just to get that extra 2'. Right now they are about 13 weeks old and fit fine on a 6' roost.
I have 3 roosts at 3' each and one at 5'. I had 14 chickens (up untill this morning) and they all crowded onto only two of the 3 footers. 10 feet will be plenty.
My six chickens (buff orpingtons) take up literally 2' of the 8' roost.
Same here. Our six girls have a 40-inch long roost so I was worried that it wasn't big enough. Ha ha.

They all sleep on one end, jammed together, even in the heat of summer--and we're talking North Carolina heat. A couple of them even like to burrow in under a buddy.

It's really hilarious.
I made more than a foot of space per chicken, which was unecessary, they all snuggle and cram into one third of the roost anyway...

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