Do You Trim Houdan Feathers so They Can See?


10 Years
Nov 18, 2009
Sacramento, California
I dunno how she even gets around .... I'm wondering if people trim the feathers around the eyes of a Houdan and if so, how would you go about it??
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I clip the fuzz around my silkies eyes so they can see. Using a scisors and an extra hand to hold the bird down carefully go around the eye and snip away until you can see their eyes
Yep, you can trim with scissors around the eyes, muffs and beard. Have someone hold them and carefully trim away a few of the feathers. This can be done with all crested breeds. Just remember that when the feathers moult out annually, you'll need to do this again.
Oh, thank you very much you two! I wasn't sure if I was interfering with 'nature' or something .. or if scissors were a silly idea .... or if it was a losing battle, but a molt should only be once a year. I just think she'd be happier and safer if she were able to see!
I just trimmed my sultan a couple days ago and she moves around a lot more. She has to be loving her vision! She is around 9 months old, and I'm definitely going to keep an eye out and keep her trimmed. She is really calm, and I held her myself while I trimmed, although I was super careful of course. She's also a mini, so probably not as hard to hold as a houdan.

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