Do your ducks let you pet them?


Jul 25, 2019
My Coop
My Coop
2918087A-5F81-4BFF-84F3-E2C3C474F6F9.jpeg C635D6FE-7462-429B-904E-2C830458E3C8.jpeg I have 2 Indian runner or mixed Drakes and two Rouen ducks. They will come to me when they see me. If I sit out in the coop they all four come to me and peck my clothes , shoes and my chair. When I talk to them they’ll cock their heads to one side and listen and they get all loud and happy when they see me come in , but if I even act like I’m going to touch them in any way they all run away and quack


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That's funny! Mine mostly do the same however we are sneaking in pets when we are giving them special treats. Some totally freak but most of them are getting acclimated. We have a couple that we can hold. I am certain that if I worked with them more that they would be climbing in my lap. They wag their tails and come when I talk to them. Imagine 30 ducklings and 12 adults! It's amazing how they differ in personality. They are so darn cute!

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