Does a honk like a goose


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Sep 3, 2009
does a honk like a goose count for an attempt at crowing?
Oh no! I have a barred rock that started to honk like a goose. I hope it's a she....we already have one surprise rooster! I think she's a hen, tho. She honks when she gets a treat and is running away from the others, trying to play keep away.
I have a couple girls who make a short, single honk sound every now and then. Always makes me look, because it sounds so "un-chicken-like." It's a very, very short sound, even shorter than a regular "bok."
I had a Buff Orp pullet that honked like a goose, especially when it was hot out.

A roosters first crow, doesn't sound like honking. (at least not the ones I've had) The closest I can come to describing it is someone playing the trombone REALLY, REALLY, REALLY badly.
He he! I remember one of mine, in particular, actually sounded like a dying cow when he first started to "crow".
When mine started, I wondered if the Neighbors I Don't Like had finally HAD IT with the chihuahua they keep ON A CHAIN, and were finally strangling it. Or it was strangling itself on that chain.....

And then Carl did it in front of me and I said, "Oh, Carl! You'll have to do better than THAT!" (It was so cute.)

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