Does anyone have Cacklehatchery's speckled egg layer?

No. I never had a speckled egg... I raised chickens for 4 years. I'm checking out the website. They advertise Blue Laced Red Wyandotte... I wanted that kind once. I had Easter eggers before from local farm store. Hatching specialty for eggs to hatch. I'm curious for pics too. Usually people answer after me. I will like people's answers. Haven't ordered from them before. Cackle.
My Cinnamon Queens came from cackle three years ago. A couple of them lay eggs with light speckles. My egg basket from that pen has everything from very light brown sort of pink colored eggs to very dark brown almost Marans sort of eggs and then the light speckled eggs. They are light in the sense the color of the speckles are lighter compared to my Welsummers and also light in the sense they aren’t as heavily speckled. They are not like my Welsummers speckled eggs at all. Purchased as Cinnamon Queens though and not as Speckled egg layers.
Did you ever find out? they are out of stock for 2022, but still sell Wellsummers, so I am wondering what they look like/ what breeds they use too.

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