Does anyone have pictures of Polish chickens with crossed colors?


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Apr 18, 2009
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I asked for advice recently and was told to try to keep Polish chickens separated by colors so the offspring would meet standards. I really don't care so much about this, as I am only raising pet chickens. Have any of you guys mixed colors with Polish chickens -- like mixing buff laced, silver laced, or gold laced with other colors? Do you have photos of the results? Thanks!
There was a person on Ebay selling black Polish. I asked how they had gotten that color and they said they had mixed a white crested black with a golden laced and all the chicks they had hatched from them were completely black. I wondered at the time if that is how crevecoeurs had gotten started.
Some of the hatcheries sell black Polish, so you can get them without mixing colors. I've never seen one in person, but did notice some on one or two of the hatchery sites earlier today. There are also white Polish. I was thinking maybe a black or white roo might not mess the colors up as bad as one with a multi-colored pattern, but I could be totally off. I know nothing about genetics, which is why I asked.
i will look for pics, but here is what my pen is white crested blue roo with a silver laced a goldlaced and a white hen
i have hatched white crested blues, white crested blacks with no other color bleeding threw
then i have hatched some gold laced and silver laced some black with bits of gold or silver in them.
No pictures, sorry.. many years ago I used to have Polish and deliberately mixed the colors.

Silver laced x WCB= solid black, many did eventually show a few white feathers in crest once they were year old. Others stayed solid black. I thought those solid blacks were rather nice looking and wondered why they weren't a standardized color.

Buff laced x white hen= solid cream-ish color. As chicks they were very cute, white with little black spots on them.

Wish I had a Buff laced x SL.. Buff laceds are simply gold laced with dominant white added.. this is what turns the black lacing white and slightly lightens the gold. I wonder what a silver laced with dominant white would look.. probably solid white or nearly so.

If you use a GL roo over SL hens you will have sex linked chicks- gold laced pullets and silver laced cockerels.
I have a mix of colors in my one polish pen The roo is a white crested black. he is in with white crested black hens and white crested blue hens. They have thrown off totally black polish and they have thrown off a white hen with just two black feathers in her wing. This last time they threw off a beautiful little blue and white chick I do not know what she will look like as its only 1 week old. when my gold laced roo was in this pen I got balck polish with alittle red lacing on their breasts. I also had a black polish that came from Sandhill Preservation. I also got a black hen from them they were not mixed they were polish.

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