Does anyone know the process for chemo?


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My dad has a kidney problem that is going to require 3 days of IV chemo and several doses of pills to treat. The doctor told us there is an 80% success rate with the way they are going to do the treatment over the next 6 months to fix his kidneys. The only thing they told us is where to be and at what time for the IV. I'm kind of worried about what it will do to him though. Will someone need to be with him constantly after the treatment? Will he be really sick? This is my first time having to deal with either of my parents being sick and I'm kind of flying by the seat of my pants. Especially since I am the only one of the kids that still lives in the same state as my parents (military siblings).
Not knowing the combination of drugs he will be receiving, there is really no way to tell what his reaction will be. But, be prepared to have to drive him to and from the IV appointments. My boss's sister was always very weak and ill after the IV treatments.
Depend on what type of chemo drugs, myself i was able to drive to my iv chemo treatments and they gave me pills to help from getting sick. I had a chemo pump hooked up for 3 days every 2 weeks, nurse came to my home to remove pump, yes he will be weak.
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If your Dad is anything like me, he's not going to want people around all the time. The first treatments I had, I preferred going through with just my husband and I. I was sick, but I didn't need constant care. It's just me and my husband and he worked just about the entire time, taking time off to take me to my monthly treatments. I was sick as a dog for the first week, feeling better the 2nd week and ready to take on the world by the 3rd, even though I was very weak. I tried to work but with the stress of my job it just wasn't possible. Lunachick, a friend of ours, had a few tummy issue due to radiation but other than loosing her hair, she did great.

Ya'll need to find out what the name of the chemo drugs they will be using. Then research them. I would not start treatments until you Dad knows everything he needs to know about what is going to be happening. It can be a scary thing. BUT attitude, my belief is the biggest part of the battle. If you believe this thing is gonna get you, let me know where you want flowers sent because it will take you out. If you believe you are going to whip is azz it's a done deal!! I was diagnosed June 2, 2008 with Stage 3 grade 3 HER2+++ Breast Cancer. I should be dead by now. I beat it once, but it raised it ugly head again. Guess I didn't kick it's butt hard enough the first time!! I'm still here and plan on being here for a very long time. They say only the good die young, I'm going into to eternity, lol!!!

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