Does slow feathering always = rooster?


11 Years
Jun 13, 2013
I recently ordered 3 lavender orpington pullets from a well known hatchery. They are currently 2 weeks old. The first one has fully developed wing feathers and a short tail. The second one has some wing feather growth and no tail. The third one has not grown any feathers at all.

Does this mean I ended up with 2 cockerels or do pullets somtimes feather out extremely slow too? Has anyone had an extremely slow feathering chick turn out to be a pullet.?
I have seen that the two sexes delop feathers at different rates. I.E if half have lots of feathers and half are still fuzz then you can kinda separate out which are which.
Thanks for the replies! It is interesting to hear what others have observed in the chicks they have raised.
Thanks! My last two slow to feather chicks ended up being roosters. Now, I am paranoid when I see variations in development.
I have The slowest feathering chicken alive! Maybe not but it sure feels like it. I knew he was a rooster when I got him. He just looks pitiful And he's old enough to be fully feathers He's an Isabelle cuckoo Orpington.

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