Does this sound like a RIR?


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Jan 13, 2009
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I'm not good at posting pictures yet, so I hope my description is good enough...

I just got my first five chickens. Two of them are a gold and silver wyandotte and three of them are supposedly RIRs. In the early weeks, the RIRs all looked pretty similar, though Jilly Boo was a shade lighter than JuJu Bee and Jezebel. However, now that about two months have gone by, Jilly Boo looks distinctly different. She has the same copper color head and neck as the other two, but her body looks like white was mixed with her copper feathers to make a slightly mottled, creamy caramely color. Do you think she's a RIR or do you have any guesses about what else she might be? I know a photo would help--sorry!
Thanks for confirming that Jilly Boo is NOT a RIR. I started looking through the breed pages and I think she might be a... Buff Orpington! Do you think that breed can be easily confused with a RIR during the chick weeks? Can BOs be slightly coppery, or are they pretty much always pale brown?

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