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    say a pack of dogs has killed animals at the Mobile Zoo for the second time since early November.

    In the most recent attacks late Sunday night or early Monday, the zoo lost a pregnant red deer and an ostrich.

    Zoo Director John Hightower tells the Press-Register that in early November, a pack of dogs killed a 12-point buck white-tail deer and 5 emus at the zoo.

    After the November attacks, Hightower said he killed what he believed were two of the dogs. Mobile County Animal Control workers picked up a half-dozen other dogs near the zoo.

    None of the dogs believed to have been involved in the most recent attacks had been found as of Monday night.

    The zoo is about 25 miles west of downtown Mobile.
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    In 89, a pack of dogs killed 7 of an 8 animal herd of South African Springbok at the St. Louis zoo. All the dogs were killed before they could attack again.
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    What kind of fencing does the zoo have that dogs can enter? Hope the big cats are caged better.
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    Wow, they took down an OSTRICH? I hope they catch those dogs. I would NOT want to meet up with them on a dark night. *shivers*

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