Dog attacked my chickens, needs some info

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  1. cuppie

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    Mar 27, 2009
    Lynnwood, Wa
    so long story short this morning i heard some crying out from my chickens only to find 3 out of 4 had been attacked by a dog that had gotten out and lives 4-5 houses down the road. rushed them to the vet, one was injured to bad we had to euthanize on the spot and the other two are here at home on pain meds and antibiotics. One is a favorelle, 3.8 pounds, and unsure of her age, the other is a silkie, 2.8 # and about 2 yrs old. i have all the stuff for the wound care but i am curious to know if about the withdrawal period for eating the eggs with her on the antibiotics and pain medications. they are both on enrofloxin (baytril) for antibiotics and meloxicam (metacam) for pain. I, myself do not eat eggs so there is no problem for me but for the people who do take her eggs i was wondering if she will every be able to have edible eggs again? i have a soother ointment with silver in it for wound care but if you have any other ideas please feel free to share. one of the puncture wounds is in the joint on one girl and the other is massive bruising in the thigh on the other one.

    thank you for helping, all opinions wanted.

    how do you all feel about calling animal control for the dog that got out?

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    Mar 19, 2009
    Call Animal control and send a bill to the owners for your losses, including the vet bills. They are legally responsible. You can take them to Small Claims court if they don't do the honorable thing. Document everything, with pictures if possible. Keep bills and receipts.
  3. Imp

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    cassie is on the mark.

    welcome to BYC, you're right up the road from me. I'm in Renton.

  4. cuppie

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    Mar 27, 2009
    Lynnwood, Wa
    i have already filled out the incident report for animal control and the o of the dog already brought me a check for the cost of the vet from this morning. so that is already going well but the Animal Control Officer said that they can do one of three things 1) warn the owner 2) make it a civil case were the dog is deemed a precautionary animal and has to have a muzzle and leash when not it its own yard and a $50 fine 3) make a criminal case where the owner can potentially get charged with a misdemeanor.

    I want to just go with a warning but something about the way the o talked about the dog makes me think something like this has happened before so i don't know if i should pursue the the option number 2 or not. I mean they did already hand a check over to me. thats nice.

    do you guys know anything about the antibiotics and the withdrawal period of eating the eggs.

    IMP nice to have a you so close!
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  5. Imp

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    There are lots of Washington people on this forum. And as someone said a few months ago: "we're an odd lot" [​IMG] Check out the washington thread.

    I personally wouldn't worry too much about antibiotics in the eggs. But if it concerns you maybe wait for a week or so after they're done taking them. Someone should be coming along soon with a more exact answer. Don't waste the eggs if you do decide to not eat them. You can feed them back to your chickens. Or, give them to people you don't like.

    About the dog. It's your choice, but I doubt that animal control will be around to enforce a muzzle. I'd probably give the owners the benefit of the doubt, since they paid for the damages. And I'm sure Lynnwood already has a leash law.

    Sorry that you lost one, and others are hurt. Good Luck!

  6. sammi

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    Dec 21, 2007
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    I would have a withdrawal period of a 2-3 weeks anyway....
    tho this might be overkill.
    but you can use the eggs to give back the birds, so they aren't a total waste.
    they could use the extra protein anyway.

    sorry about your birds, but glad the owner of the dog paid the bill..hope they know it might not be the last, since they may need follow up.
    what form of Baytril are they on? (pills, injections, etc)
    dose schedule?

    make a note that Baytril is very hard on the system, and they will need probiotic to stabilize their systems..either plain active culture yogurt, or commercial mix..available at McMurray Hatchery, and other poultry supply online..(strombergs maybe)
    probiotics should not be given if they are getting meds in pill or powdered form, since it will effect absorption of the med.
    if can give the probiotic.

    keep a check on the crops.
    watch for yeast infection.

    hope the birds will be ok.
    sorry one was lost.
  7. cuppie

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    Mar 27, 2009
    Lynnwood, Wa
    they are on 22.7 mg baytril tabs starting tomorrow, one is getting one tab once a day and the other is getting a 1/2 tab once a day. today they both got the inj form. they have enough for about 10 days i believe.

    no pro biotic for oral forms of medications? really i would have thought that was the opposite. good to know.

    what do i check their crops for? right now they are full of feed. how should they feel if i have a problem starting?

    thanks for the great info!
  8. tellynpeep

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    Oct 4, 2008
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    Enrofloxacin (Baytril) is NOT APPROVED for use in poultry in the US. Your vet should have told you this. The withdrawal period is FOREVER. The reason is antibiotic-resistant bacteria have gotten into the human food supply and the consequences may be dire for public (human) health. You can not eat or sell these eggs. Ever. Ask the vet about that.

    As for the dogs.... You have my full sympathies. I have had 4 incidents with the neighbors' dogs and it has been absolutely awful.

    I made the decision to use Baytril in one of my girls who was attacked by the dogs. She is a pet and won't be eaten. Her eggs are fed back to the birds.

    Good luck.
  9. cuppie

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    Mar 27, 2009
    Lynnwood, Wa
    yes, my vet did tell me that the withdrawal period is forever but does that just mean a long time or is it lifelong? Baytril is actually made for production poultry (fryers and turkeys). its on their site and they talk about withdrawal periods but don't actually list them. i think it is so funny that its not approved for poultry in the US but is overseas and the US gets some of the poultry from overseas. this is a crazy world!!!

    the reason we went with Baytril is because she has punctures around her joint and she needs some strong antibiotics to prevent bone and joint infections. Maggie is just a pet, her eggs were just a plus, she actually behaves better than our dog!! lol.

    i really do appreciate all this info!!

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