Dog Frontline for Cats?


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May 31, 2009
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Can I use my Frontline for dogs on my cat? I don't really want to buy another 3 pack just for the cat since I rarely have flea trouble, and this would be the last treatment of the year. I also don't want to harm the cat by using something harmful on her.

Just curious if anyone had veterinary medication knowledge out there.

Read the labels carefully, I am fairly certain it is NOT a good idea. I'd tell you for sure but I'm out right now. Some vets will sell a single tube.

ETA, just did a quick Google search- apparently the ingredients are the same, but adjusting the dosage for the cat's size and metabolism can be tricky. I'd suggest you do a more in depth search and some reading first and decide for yourself.
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Yes it is the same thing. Buy the largest frontline for dogs and put it in a vial, and get a syringe (w/o needle) for application. The dose is 0.5ml for cats.

DO NOT do this with advantage multi.
There is a little diffrence in the ingredence for cats. From here There is a typo on the cat dose part I need to fix so lets look at the box its self.

Here is the cats box.

An here is the small dag box.

If you look at the second ingredient there is 1/4th less of it in the cat dose so to be on the safe side when using the dog box I would take the cat dose an cut it by 1/4th. That would be .375 CC/ml

I'm sure you could probably get away with the normal cat dose of .5cc/ml but .375 would be playing it safe. I assume they changed the formula for a reason for cats.
A vet here. DO NOT DO THIS unless you want to bring your cat to VHUP for livesaving measures due to toxicity issues. Frontline doesn't have an expiration date. Buy a box for the right weight for your cat, use that dose, and then use the rest of the box in the spring.

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