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10 Years
May 31, 2009
I have older (five years) hens who are fed Flock Layer with free oyster shells but still lay soft shell eggs. I also have three year old hens who do fine.

I got some dolomite powder in the calcium section of the health food store and thought about mixing some in their food. The dolomite has 1000 mg per two tablespoons.

Has anyone any thoughts on this idea?

Oyster shells give me better results than calcium powder (feed grade calcium carbonate powder is what I tried before).

Here is a recommended amount. I have successfully given oyster shell mixed into the feed, but ONLY feed that isn't layer feed (such as grower reed or unmedicated chick starter or homemix of seeds/grains). If you put more calcium in LAYER feed, it will give them too much. They need to self-regulate when you are already feeding layer.
says 1 lb per 20 lbs feed

I am not familiar with dolomite powder.

Now if you meant "Flock Raiser" feed, that is a feed where you DO need to supplement with oyster shells, and what I have discovered is that when I feed a feed that isn't layer feed, if I don't mix the oyster shell in, I get soft shells. So if your "Flock Layer" as you said is "Flock Raiser" brand, that is not considered layer feed.

I hope this helps.

Many people on BYC feed Flock Raiser and put oyster shells on the side, however, so it is somewhat unusual to have to mix the shells in. You will have to see what works for your flock.
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