Dominique Large Fowl


12 Years
Jan 14, 2008
20 Large fowl Dominique eggs + extras. Auction price includes shipping. Those of you who have followed the Dominique thread have seen these birds. Let me tell you a little about them. I started working on these bird 5 years age as a project with The Farmers' Museum in Cooperstown, NY where I am the poultry consultant. After an exhaustive search I started with birds from an 80+ year old man in Northern NY who had bred a closed flock of Dominiques for over 50 years. In the third yeard I bred in some birds from Mike Stickler & the cross worked out really well.
I showed these birds for the first time last year at 3 shows. I had Reseerve CHampion American at 2 of the shows. At the third show the judge spent about 20 minutes going over a Rhode Island Red pullet, a White Wyandotte pullet & one of my Dominique pullets. He placed the Red & the Wyandotte. I spoke with him after the show & he said he really wanted to place the Dominique but it had been so long since he saw any good Dominiques he wasn't sure he should. He also said any of the 6 pullets I showed could have been in the same position as they were virtually identical. Three different judges & three different pullets!
My fertility has been very good with these birds & they are dependable year long layers.
Eggs wiil be from 2 different matings & will be marked accordingly. Eggs will be no more tha 3 days old when shipped.

ETA: Let me add the usual disclaimer that goes with shipped eggs. I will ship fresh, well packed eggs. I can't be responsible for how the eggs are handled by the Post Office or for how they are incubated. Fertility & hatchabilitry have been good for me.
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I predict this auction is gonna get

Lucky someone will have one or if not the top line of large fowl in this breed that I have seen in 20 years. Dont screw them up after you hatch them. They are priceless. bob
Sorry MFB, but I had to bid, these are great birds. If I win I might send you some.
This is already about out of my range, and I know it will get alot higher, but I just want to say that one lucky person will be getting something very special here....
Here's a picture of a pen of young birds from late last summer. The cockerel to the far right is in one of the pens these eggs are from. That to me is aboutan ideal Dominique male head.

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