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    How confident can we be that only a single breed other than the Dom American Game and breed x were involved? Also, a couple other breeds may have been around that could have had more influence than Dom American Games. Multiple parts of Europe had dom colored landraces (i.e. Scots Gray) that could have been involved. The Scott's Gray was valued for eggs and meat, existed at the correct time (pre-dating American Dominique) and occurred in a region providing immigrants to the eastern seaboard at the correct time.
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    All of this we will never know. The cuckoo feather patterning can be very prolific once it's introduced, as it has its advantages (camoflauge/breaking up outline against predators). No reason to say the Dominique Game Bird was not bred from the American Dominique, not the other way around.

    I think if we could go back in time we would find that perhaps one man used a Dominique Game fowl (or what his neighbor said was one), another man used a Scott's Grey, another used some cuckoo jungle bird from his second cousin's shipment into the country from South America or somewhere else. If these men got together they would all say "why yes, I have Domineckers, those cuckoo colored little hens - they lay me lots of eggs, raise their own brood, I eat the extra cockerels and they're healthy little birds".
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    To change the subject slightly...

    I have been reading alot on the Heritage Large Fowl, and the Barred Rock threads, and was wondering if anyone had photos comparing show Doms, vs hatchery birds, vs perhaps what could be called a heritage Dominique photo. This would be of great value for many of us I think. In my perfect world, I would love to see photos of all three types (if there are really three types) on one page, side by side. Even if I could get individual photos of each type that I could put together wold be great.
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    Jul 14, 2009
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    Thanks. On the Heritage large fowl thread, some are grouping heritage type breeds birds into the three categories, hatchery, show and Heritage.

    Amother question;

    The standard I think says 7 lbs for a standard rooster and I think 5lbs for a hen. What would be the upper limit for Dominique rooster or hen weight before it becomes a disqualification?
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    For real fun, compare the hatchery stocks to each other. Those from Cackle Hatchery most closely approximate what a proper American Dominique should look like but they are a little small and tails run short.

    Even some of the show strains differ a lot as well. The Voter and Hyman lines I have are very different from those bred by Mike Strichler, with the latter being much more coarse and having tail feathers in males that are much more numerous and flexible like noodles.
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    We cant be confident that is was a single breed cross, it was a example.
    It could be any number of crosses.

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    20% above or below standard weight is a disqualification in all breeds except Beltsville Small White Turkeys
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    Thanks Bill

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