Don't buy stock in cotton this year


8 Years
Mar 1, 2011
Over the rainbow...
I wish we could be covered in rain but alas that is not in our forecast in the near future (far future either if the forecast is right). We have wind. Lots and LOTS of wind. Most forecasters are predicting that it will last well into June/July before we see any significant amounts of rain that will help us at all. Even with a worse than normal hurricane season predicted it's still of no help to us. The wind will calm down to about 10 mph at 2AM then it is right back up again during the day. Today we are most fortunate, wind speeds of only 35-40 with gusts up to 50-55. Crops are burnt and gardens can't even get started because of the mess. I have seen enough dirt devils tear up fields to know that this year is going to be a horrible cotton year. I'm predicting one of the worst if not the worst on record. Rain where are you and why don't you come soon?
What a shame for the farmers.

Hug a farmer.

No farmers no food.
i was raised on a dairy farm, so understand how much we depend on good weather and plentiful rain. i am so sorry for your losses and hope your good fortune returns soon!!! will be praying for you.
Yes, and Louisiana, MS and AL and some parts of GA and FL has some cotton fields. SC and NC and parts of VA would have plenty of them as well.

Didnt see much in TN though!
so sorry to hear about your misfortune.

Here in Alabama the farmers are mostly planting corn this year. Some are doing canola flowers. What with all the corn though deer will be plentiful this fall and so will the mice.
We are hoping that the hurricanes push some rain our way. I know that not everyone needs it on the coast but we are dying here! The small amounts that we have gotten (not even a 1/4 in in the last 100= days) evaporates before you even knew it was here. I'm looking outside right now and I can't even see 3 blocks from my office because it is a solid wall of dirt

shelly~ In my area and a lot of the northern areas of TX we depend on cotton. We have other crops that we can supplement if the cotton goes bad but those nee to be in the ground in the next couple months make a dent in the cotton losses. So from the looks of it no cotton in our area means hard times for all around here.
Sorry to hear about your troubles.

I wish I could send you some of the rain we've been having here in Maine. It's been raining here everyday for the past three weeks. Only about 4-5 of those days were days when it only rained for a bit. The rest was consistent, non-stop precipitation. We haven't been able to mow the lawn because it never has had a chance to dry enough, so it is anywhere from 6 inches to over a foot tall in some areas. Everything is very lush and green, but also covered in snails, who are thinking this weather is just dandy. The sun is actually out now, but more rain is expected tonight.

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