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May 24, 2013
Stoke-on-Trent. Uk
One of my female girls has a bald patch on her back I've looked at it n don't think it's live or mites cause none of the others have got it (ordered some mite powder just in case) my son says do u think it's where the boys are standing on her when they mate, any input would be appreciated
It is quite possible (in fact likely) that it is from the attentions of the roo - is she a favorite hen that gets a lot of attention? There are "hen saddles" you can use to protect the hen's back.
My first thought is drakes. I don't know how many of which you have, but regardless, sometimes there is one duck that the drake or drakes spend too much time with. I would separate her. Her health and perhaps her life depend on your intervention.
Poo - just realized this is in "ducks" - was thinking it was chickens - the answer remains the same that it is likely an overly attentive suitor, but not sure the "hen saddle" solution is an option for ducks.
We have two males n 4 females the duck that is missing feathers was born n reared with the 2 makes n then we added 3 runner girls they mate with all 4 girls but saw today that both boys had the same female one after the other she Neva leaves the males side them 3 been close since they were hatched
It's the mating. Not a trait I'm particularly happy with. I have a small Black Swedish, poor thing happens to be the favorite of the males. She has a Cayuga drake as her protector but I think he is just as worn out as she is. You may need to keep her separate for a few days. Mine actually will let me know when she is not wanting to be set free. She goes right back into the coop first thing in the morning. That's when I know to close the pen gate to keep her protected for the day.
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