Dosage for Duramycin-100


Aug 17, 2019
I have a two year old Barred Rock who was fine yesterday and is gasping for air today. I went to TSC and got Duramycin-100, as well as VetRx Poultry Aid and Poultry Nutri-Drench. We have brought the hen inside now and she is in a dog crate close to the air-conditioner. My question is how much Duramycin-100 should I give her, how often should I give it, and for how many days? It is an injection formula. Thanks!
This is Duramycin 100, it's like LA200, but 100 mg/ml instead of 200 mg/ml.
duramycin 100_1.jpg
That is what I bought. Unfortunately, our hen passed in the night. We think she may have had something else wrong with her. She was a lot smaller than our other Barred Rock and probably only weighed 3 pounds. Thanks for the help.

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