DOUBLE yolker - yolk Hatched! Video p. 16 ** 13 Week PICS ** p. 51

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    This thread is two years old, and it is not likely for that to happen twice. It is dangerous for the chicks to try. After this was posted, several people tried and the results were less than desireable. In other words, they died, they were deformed. Please do not try this. It is not a nice way for a chick to die.
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    I wonder how it works when the hen sits on them .. some hens do help the chicks ive seen them get excited and peck at new pipped eggs.Just my 2 cents Beautiful video thanks
  3. It's not bad to try this! I've seen several people hatch double Yolkers and even have videos to prove!
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    This was the funniest thread I've ever read. Once I read that they survived I jumped to the end. You all were funny. Hope all stays well with them. Sue
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    This is an extrodinary case and although this video was made in 2008 and the chicks will be well grown by now it still had me on the end of my seat, I wouldn't be brave enough to try this myself and I'm just glad that everything turned out well, except with the 2nd egg, the deformed chick, that was a pitty, but at least they both didn't die.

    Please do tell what happened to those chicks, so you still have them? Pictures? [​IMG]
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    The OP said that they were sold due to space constraints.
    It WAS a pretty amazing hatch though, wasn't it.
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    I didn't read all of the thread. I started out reading it all, until I got to page 12... then realised there were 55 pages! [​IMG]
    It was a once-in-a-lifetime-circumstance.
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    Just found this thread. Sad to hear you let go of the birds as I have many questions! (about them as adults) My brother is telling me that a friend of his has bread chickens that lay only double yolkers. Until I found this thread I thought he was pulling leg, maybe there is some merit to it,,?! I am going to have to see if I can get some fertile eggs from him,,,,,,
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    First of all... [​IMG]

    As for the egg sitch' it would be too much work then worth, it is VERY unlikely that you can hatch 2 healthy chicks form double yolkers, this member was very lucky...
    When my ducks lay double yolkers I don't even check if they are fertile, and I know it's not fair for the possibility of healthy chick(s) but the chance of everything going fine is far too low.

    Did your brothers friend hatch any from the double yolkers? 2 chicks or 1? I guess if his hen is laying healthy double yolkers that hatch often then he must have a good hen, the chance would far better of everything going OK, but for normal hens a double yolker is un-ordinary let alone hatching something or somethings from them...

    Just out of curiosity, would you hatch them in an incubator or under a broody hen?
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    YAY!!! they made it!!!

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