Drakes fighting!


6 Years
Aug 20, 2013
El Dorado County, Ca
I had three drakes that are around 6 months old. I originally had two, but last week my cousin needed to rehome her drake so I took him. They kinda picked on him at first, which I expected to happen. But now, all three of the are attacking each other, including the two that have grown up together. Is this because it is spring and mating season is starting along with the introduction of the new drake? Any help is appreciated! They aren't bleeding, but they pulled out some feathers of the new drake at one point today. I'm also afraid they are going to drown each other in their pond, because that is where they have been fighting he most. :/
we have drakes that have been together since they hatched, and they are ALL wrestling and fighting with each other the last couple of weeks. We had to take one out, put a "sweater" on him, (made out of an old sock) because he lost so many feathers along his back and neck. I have also separated some in the "hospital" - (a dog crate) at night just to protect them a little more if they look like they are being hurt. I think it is normal drake behavior. -- Hopefully someone with more experience can also give some insight.

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