Droopy Comb and Lethargic Hen


8 Years
Jul 8, 2013
Merrimack , NH
I have a 1 yr old White Leghorn Hen that stopped laying a week or so ago. I thought she was Broody because of the NH weather changes. Then her Comb got droopy and she had greenish poop stuck to her butt. I washed it all off twice now and she wasn't clogged up. No lumps in her throat / crop either. Last night she returned to the coop after a day foraging and just laid down on the floor and wouldn't roost with the rest of the girls. This morning
I quarantined her after washing off her butt again. She is very lethargic and skinny. I offered her yogurt and electrolyte in her water but she is just laying on the floor of her cage. I had to go to work but didn't want the rest of the girls to peck her so I moved her to her own space. Should a force feed her tonight when I get home to make sure she is getting fluids? Help this is my first ever sick chicken.. Thanks
Maybe she ate something else that is poisonous, or a sudden weather change in your place that affect her body,

Maybe you should try to visit your nearest poultry farm supply for meds/antibiotics regards the symptoms of your chicken

And lastly separate her from the others.

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I am sorry about your hen. You need to post this in our emergency section for more help. This could be a lot of things going on.....


Good luck with your hen. I hope you can get her healed up soon.
so, what happened with your lethargic hen with green poo and droopy comb? 1 of my 5 backyard birds has had same issue for 3 days
This is an old thread and thread starter has not been back.

The best advice I can give you is to post in detail at the "emergencies,diseases, injuries, cures," thread. Your hen may not have what the other one did at all. Birds can worsen rapidly, it's not good to wait.

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