Dry cat food preferences??

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  1. Ok you cat people what kind of dry cat food do your boys and girls prefer? I got into a discussion with my younger daughter--8 cat but 3 are up for adoption--today. It seems her cats refuse to eat Iams while our 5 love it. We have Purina Cat Chow available in a canister for them 24/7 but also rotate a variety of dry foods to them just to keep them interested: Currently their diet consists of: Iams Original w/ chicken, Friskies Seafood Sensations, Friskies Dental Diet, Fancy Feast fillet mignon w/ shrimp, Fancy Feast Ocean fish w/salmon, One w/ Salmon and Tuna, One w/ Chicken and Rice. All 5 will eat the Cat Chow but they vary on the other varieties. For example, some love Dental Diet others need to get their teeth clean periodically. As you can see we offer a variety since I wouldn't want to have to eat the same thing every day I figure they don't either. They also supplement this with rodents caught both inside and out as well as periodic greens. At any rate, what do you feed your cats and how do they feel about it. Oh yeah, we also split a can of Fancy Feast of various varieties between 4 of them each night it is our way of getting them in side in the evening. We have one cat that doesn't like canned cat food.
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    Purina Cat chow dry. Had a cat live to be 22 1/2. Oldest cat now is 12. I very seldom give them wet food. It can be icky on the teeth. Mine have access to the outside. Don't like to switch up foods...it tends to cause messy stools.
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    Special Kitty....she was on it when we got her so we have kept her on it. She is healthy and happy and has a shiney coat if that counts for anything.....what a cat!
  4. ~*Sweet Cheeks*~

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    Taste of the Wild. I switched both cats and dogs as I believe they weren't meant to eat grains.
  5. CoyoteMagic

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    Right now, Wellness but switching to Taste of the Wild the new formula that has less protein. I have 2 geriatric cats and too much protein can be hard on the kidneys
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    I just lost my 24 year old cat over the summer, and we had another family cat ( she was with my brother ) who was 26. In fact, most of our cats lived into their 20's.

    We fed purina cat chow or something similar all those years. They all went outside when they pleased, and never had any huge health problems. They were all happy, healthy cats who all lived very long lives. I still miss Ivan though. That darn cat had been everywhere with me.

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    Chicken Soup for the Cat Lovers' Soul canned and dry [​IMG]

    Also it is made by Diamond, who makes Taste of the Wild, etc.

    Got a great write up in the pet food journal world, and reasonable cost also
    Not crazy about the name, though
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    Our cats always have Purina Naturals dry kibble available and they love it! They get Friskies canned food in the morning and evening. They love anything with gravy and often get various cat treats.
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    I have fed Purina, Alley Cat, etc... and had cats with urinary blockages and a diabetic. All of that corn really isn't good for cats (obligate carnivores), and I wish that I could afford to feed them all canned or raw. Since I can't, I do feed some of them Iams dry, and the barn cats get Friskies Sensations or Kit n Kaboodle because they are some of the few that don't have rice (barn cat with rice allergy - and I have to keep her out of the chicken food because some have rice). I try to limit fishy foods because fish isn't that good for cats and also can contain mercury and other contaminants.
  10. We geed purina. I believe its the complete stuff, in the blue bag. Its the only food they can eat and wont puke. The foods that have coloring in will cause them all to throw up.

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