Duck air cell too small!! Help Please!!


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Oct 19, 2018
It is day 15 and the eggs air cell is the size of a day 7 air cell. I cool them down and mist them. I'm trying to lower the humidity. I put as much water as I do with chicken eggs. Should they cool down longer? Will they be fine? Please help?!?! I'm really stressed
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I replied to you on your last thread but you must not have seen it. I will post a quote of my response here:

If the air cells aren't growing properly, then the humidity isn't fine. Air cells growing too slowly happens because the humidity is too high. Can you give us the exact values for the humidity and temperature you are using?

Also going to tag @aart since they were on the last thread too.

What you need to do is immediately remove all water from the incubator. The eggs need very low humidity to try to catch up on all the air cell growth they've missed.
Can you candle these eggs and post a picture of what size the air cell is?

Yes, if the air cells are too small, you need to stop adding water.
Like others have said, you need to lower your humidity so the eggs can lose some moisture and the air cell can grow. Post a picture so we can help more.
Yes, a picture would help a lot. Also, can you please say what percent humidity you have it at? I'm thinking maybe you don't have a hygrometer and don't know and that's why you haven't said, and it's very important to have a hygrometer to keep track of it.

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