Duck attacked


May 12, 2015
I have free range ducks and chickens. Today I went out to put them away from the night before it got completely dark and I was missing three chickens and a duck. I did find the duck underneath my father's pickup truck. She tried to run once she saw me and I noticed she was missing some feathers. She didn't make it very far before she fell. Her leg was bleeding and she wasn't able to use it. I brought her into the house and put her in the bath to clean the wound and get the dirt off of her. When she was swimming the leg was dragging along the bottom of the tub and She hasn't really tried to move since I brought her in.

I guess the question here is there anything else I could do to help her. She's sitting in the house right now inside of a box that gives her enough room to be comfortable and move if needed. My dad and I decided it was either a fox or the neighbors dog. We have had chickens from last year and have lost our fair share to raccoons but we caught three raccons and haven't have issues since but we got the ducks back in April and this is the first time anything has happened to them
I have had a dog get a hold of my duck, she had some pretty deep wounds but healed up with no help for me, if she doesn't go into shock you should be okay, I would see if they leg is broken, otherwise I would find her a quiet place where she can heal and not be bothered and food and water are within easy reach, ducks are fairly hardy, most times they just need time.
I'm still sorta new to the whole duck thing. They aren't even my ducks they are my fathers but he is over the road truck driver so I take care of them. I don't know if they leg is broken or not but I'm afraid it might be as it is completely limp. How exactly would I be able to tell?
I'm more of a chicken person. So I really don't know much about what I'm doing with this little one.
I would gently move it and feel it to see if there's an obvious break, otherwise I would just leave it alone to see how it is in a day or so. Sorry you have to deal with it by yourself. For people like me, a vet isn't an option, most wounds in poultry will heal without intervention, things like broken bone, unfortunately we would have to cull. Give the duck some time, it could just be sore.
If you post over on the Duck Forum more duck people will see the thread - someone may have some experience with this. Predators return, so security is a concern.

Time in a lukewarm tub really helps ducks recover. Check for puncture wounds around the vent and under the wings. Ducks can recover from awful injuries with help.

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