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Dec 27, 2015
hi everyone, i have a 11 month old duck and he is getting a little "aggressive." He'll run to me and bite my crocs or and part of my body that he can reach. I'm concerned about this behaviour. The only time he leaves me alone is when he runs back to the mirror to look at himself which probably reminds him of his fallen mate. I'm looking forward to seeing the comments. thx!
Yea... But my mum says they do too much poop and Ginger has been alone for like 6-7 months now. And he wasnt always that aggressive when he lost his buddy.
Sourland is correct. This will continue until he has a duck friend to be with. If you can't get him a friend the best thing may be to rehome him to someone else with ducks so he is not alone. Pekins have been bred so that their mating 'season' is practically all year long, so you could be looking at dealing with him biting you like this for months on end unless you get him a mate or even another drake to hang out with. Single ducks are very lonely.
He probably would, but it wouldn't be the same as another duck. Plus, he would try to mate with it, and because they are anatomically different, this can seriously injure or kill the chicken. Another duck is much better. If it's a matter of poop, chickens poop just as much as ducks anyway.

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