Duck cannot stand up. Advice?

Discussion in 'Ducks' started by jaiex, May 11, 2011.

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    May 11, 2011
    Sorry, this is my first post here and I wish it wasn't a post like this. [​IMG]

    Yesterday, my mother had her two 2 1/2 week old ducklings outside in an enclosed space. She would take them out to get some fresh air under supervision, but left for a doctor's appt. I was home and heard the ducklings freaking out, so I ran outside and found one of them injured, bleeding, and on his back. Something had attacked them and the only thing we can think of is a squirrel or a rat of some sort because nothing else would have fit in the enclosure. We have since cleaned his wounds as gently and thoroughly as possible, but he is not able to stand up. He rests his head literally on his back and will chirp, but he doesn't move his legs at all. We're afraid that whatever attacked him got to a spinal cord. He's pooping, eating, and drinking.

    If this were my duck I would have taken him to the vet by now [and I have pressed the matter often], but some breeder told my mother to just feed and water him. I'm terrified something is going to happen to him and absolutely do not want that. [​IMG] Can anybody offer any advice?? Thank you!
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    Sorry to hear it! It's good to keep those wounds clean, and if the bird is eating and drinking, that's even better. I once had an exuberant lab puppy bowl through my flock and before his owner could get ahold of him, he totally rolled one of my young hens. She couldn't walk or even get up and I thought for certain I'd have to put her down. However, I put her in an isolation pen and gave her food and water. The next morning, she was stumbling around, and progressed well until she was walking. Ducks are amazingly resilient birds, so in lieu of taking it to an emergency vet (which is tremendously expensive) hang on and wait over night. You're doing well by keeping it fed, watered, and clean. If it persists tomorrow, then I might look up a poultry vet. Hope this helps a little.

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