Duck eggs air cell way too small! Help please

The air cell looks like somewhere around day 10 on the guide from this site, but it's day 21. Humidity has been around 50% throughout incubation. How much can I safely lower the humidity to compensate before lock down? Is 35% safe?

I would run the humidity at around 30% until you notice that the air cells are starting to draw down. Then you can raise the humidity to 65-70% for lockdown.


Also, I would start misting or sponging them twice a day... sounds counterproductive but the evaporation of water off the egg shell helps pull moisture out more and quicker...

Just fyi, I usually run all my duck eggs at about 30% if not a bit lower and that works best for me... :)
Thank you all for the advice! I did remove all water from the incubator, and it's been sitting at 30% humidity since yesterday just after I posted. I also realized when reading some links yesterday that I was at day 20, not 21, because the day I put them in was day 0! So that gives an extra day. I also started spraying them last night. I will try that twice a day.

I was wondering if there is a level of humidity that is dangerously low. I saw someone else on this forum had suggested on another page that it could be lowered to 15-25% using rice, but I wondered if that might be dangerous.

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