Duck Eye Problems

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    Mar 9, 2015
    We had 2 ducks, 6 baby chicks and 5 adult chickens. We're down a chick and a duck in the last week. One of the ducks had both eyes pecked out and its head cut open by another chicken in the coop. The other duck is ok but had one of it's eyes pecked at again last night. This morning it was shiny and pink around it so I separated it from all the other birds. This afternoon it had this foamy white stuff coming out of the bad eye. I wiped it off and it looks like the pecked area has hardened since this morning but I don't know if the foam is good or bad? Do we need to get some sort of medicine on it or will it heal on its own?
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    You need medicine. Foamy eye is early infection of the eye, can get very serious.

    Some antibiotic eye drops would help, but even if you can start immediately with mild saline rinses three or four times a day - and you may need to separate them, as the conflicts are fatal.

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