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mary v

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Aug 27, 2020
3 ducks from a nearby farm migrated to my yard. I got 2 more ducks this summer, I thought they were pekins. They are about 3 months old but have grown to be easily twice as big as my other 3 ducks.
Are they maybe geese or just better fed?


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Fatty Pekins. Cute though. :) you’re not the first to be confused, they can get pretty massive. The body carriage, body shape, and head/bill shape are all clues if you’re comparing ducks and geese though. Geese carry themselves taller, have a slender head and neck compared to their body, and have more of a triangular bill. And personality wise they’re much, much different. Haha. They also don’t quack. I put a photo below to give you an idea; left to right is: a silver appleyard duck (a heavyweight duck breed, similar in size to “normal” Pekins), a crested blue Swedish, and the toulouse goose.

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