Duck w/ drooping wing?

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    Hey guys! Hoping you can help me out here and tell me if there's something I can do to help fix this issue, or what caused it.

    I've been looking after an orphan Muscovy duckling for about two months and she's otherwise been healthy and happy. Pretty much all of her feathers have grown in now, though her wing feathers aren't quite fully developed yet. But they're getting there!

    I noticed in the past several weeks that her wings were both drooping. First only slightly and then very badly (I will include a picture.) I've seen angel wing before so I don't think that is the issue; the wings aren't turned outward or anything like that, just drooping like she isn't properly holding them up. I'm not entirely new to caring for ducks, and I know that angel wing is a concern, thus I've monitored her protein intake to make sure she isn't getting too much. But it is possible she has gotten too much in the past as her wings were still developing.

    About a week and a half ago one of her wings stopped drooping as badly anymore. She seems to be holding it up more properly, almost. But the other wing continues to droop.

    One of the things I've considered is that she just isn't strengthening her wing joint and surrounding muscles enough and that's why she can't hold them up properly? The fact that one wing has improved and the other has not has me puzzled and I'd be grateful to hear what you guys think! If I can fix it I want to know how!

    Some info on her care: she is fed a breeder crumble and has access to other Muscovies, eats plenty of greens, always has access to water. Used to get small serving of bugs but I stopped when I worried about her protein intake, as the crumble seems to have plenty of protein already.


    Also I noticed when she falls asleep standing up both her wings tend to droop. See below:


    Help me backyardchickens, you're my only hope !!!
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    She looks like she might be very sick. See how she's standing in the second picture with her eyes closed, head tucked in, and drooped wings? This is not normal. Can you take her to a vet? If not, can you post a picture of her poop? Are you sure she's eating and drinking normally?

    Edited to add:
    Do you have a scale that you can weigh her on? If she were mine I would start weighing her daily. Since she's young she's still growing and should make daily weight gains.
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    Well, I'm not a duck master but I have chickens and even though they aren't the same thing... they're close. :p but she looks hurt or probably sick, you should probably take her to the vet.
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    That's caused from the wing not being strong enough to support all the feathers...Bahahaha. Sill lazy Duck will get stronger.
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    Yeah, I'm thinking it could be more serious. Healthy ducks don't stand like that. Better safe than sorry, right?
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    I'm guessing that the wing feathers are all heavily pin/blood feathers and the weight causes them to sag. As the feathers mature she will once again hold her wings up. As long as she is eating, breathing, and defecating normally I would not worry about this. Continue to monitor her.
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    I thinking she's probably not eating, drinking, pooping normally. I have 30 juvenile Muscovies that just went through this phase and none of them ever looked like that.

    Maybe I'm overreacting, but the last time a bunch of people said the bird was normal and "it's just a phase" or whatever, that bird died later that day.
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    And this may happen with this bird, but first picture is of a bright eyed, apparently normal bird other than the wings. In the second picture the heavy blood feathers are noticeable especially in the far (right) wing. The OP has to decide whether or not a multi hundred veterinarian bill is valid.
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    In the first picture yeah, the eyes look good, but it's still standing funny with it's tail pointing up. A picture of the poop and answers to my other questions will be very helpful.
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    Blood feathers hurt on first molt And it wears them out. The second pic looks like she is tired and napping. She is beautiful. I would separate her for a little while. She may be going into a heavier molt. I see heavy blood feathers growing out like that and we lightly wrap the tip in correct position to the part growing feathers with vet wrap. Take it off once a week until fixed, lay off extra protein and get her a pillow. Lol
    she is also getting ready for shorter days. I am ready for bed at 5 lol.

    She is using tail feathers until wing can balance her.

    Think of blood feathers like this. Have you ever gotten a spiral perm with the long rods and if so, they hung on your head heavy. Same feeling. She needs wrapping because she most likely flaps wings to stretch and to keep them from becoming broken by whatever and getting them to stop bleeding is rough and a feather follicle infection can develop if broken, so wrap.
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