Duck With a Bad Broken Foot, Need Assistance

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    Mar 26, 2010
    I have been feeding this duck at my public lake for over two years now and he's used to me, he doesn't look like the wild mallards. Anyway, found he today with a bad broken foot. There's a little blood but no open wound. The foot seems to be broken at the hip (or possibly dislocated?), and he isn't putting any weight on it. I don't think there is any bird clinic or a vet wanting to deal with a duck in my area. I have him in a safe place, but I can't bring him inside (my mother is on dialysis and birds in the house is a strict no no, plus I live in a condo), with food and water. I'm really in a pickle and any advice, help, solution, would be greatly appreciated.
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    Well, he probably is a tame barnyard bird if he doesnt look like the others...and probably someone not so nice helped him get injured. I think it happens all the time when there is a semi-tame bird around. It loses its fear of people and then thinks all people are friends. You are doing what you can. Keep the bird warm and fed and you could try to palpate the area and see if you can tell if the leg is actually broken or just dislocated. If it is broken beneath the body you may be able to splint it up with Popsicle sticks and tape and vetwrap. A dislocation takes something else. Is there a wildlife animal rehabber in your area? If is is a wild bird someone there may be able to take him. Terri O

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