In the Brooder
Sep 11, 2019
Northern England
So we lost a duckling yesterday. His brother was pipping also. This morning he looked like he was struggling a bit- he was coming out ass first. Very strong, shouting and flapping the wing and foot he’d managed to get free. He popped his head out this morning. There’s still a small fingernail yolk sac attached. He looks a bit knackered (understandably) and is laid at the bottom of the incubator. He’s breathing ok and shouting.

I’ve got chick crumb ready for when he needs it. Will I need to feed grit along side this from the off? Do I just leave food there for them to help themselves or feed at selected times?
They don’t need to eat for at least 24 hrs they are using up that yolk they absorbed. No grit needed until you feed anything other than their crum. Like treats that’s when you offer chick grit an make sure they always have water deep enough to wash out their nares an eyes but they can’t climb into. Congrats too on the hatch, how many? Here’s an example of a waterer you can make at home. Very sorry for your loss,
what breed?

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