Ducks and meat chickens


7 Years
May 22, 2012

I am starting some meat chickens (Cornish rocks) soon, and was wondering about raising some ducks for meat, too. Could they ever be raised together? How much space do ducks need? And what food do they require?

If you get a meat breed of duck, they will do as well as the Cornish Cross at producing meat.

However, my Cornish Cross peck at everything, so I think it wouldn't be very comfortable for the ducks to be penned in with them. The CX would probably try to eat the ducks. They appear to be willing to eat anything that can't outrun them.
I have my ducks in with my meat chicks and they get along ok, but they were pretty much raised together from hatch. If the chicks peck at the ducks too much they stand up and chase them around the coop until the duckling had decided that he made his point. :lol:

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