Ducks Fighting!!


Mar 17, 2018
So my parents have two ducks at their house that recently started fighting. One of them was clearly more dominant and kept going after the other duck where he wouldn't fight back but just try to run away. We called someone and they told us we most likely have two male ducks and that is why they are fighting and they need to be separated. So we separated them yesterday but today my mom saw six eggs in their house! Four in the back of the house and two in the front of the house where the duck that is in the fence with the house was only sitting on the two in the front. Do you think we have two females or a female and male? We are so confused! I'm concerned about putting them together again because the one duck hurt our other duck pretty bad especially with the scabs on his face on the picture below. We are not sure what to do!n Any advice would be helpful!

We are also not quite sure what breed our ducks are so if anyone is good at identifying them we would greatly appreciate knowing the breed!

Thank you!


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Do you want them to sit on eggs they aren't fertile unless you have a drake. Take chickens really advise get rid of the eggs soon they will settle back down. But not right away it takes a while for them to get over being broody so even if you take their eggs and destroy their nests it will still take time. My Muscovy girls can get into too. I never let them brood in the same house.

Beautiful girls.:welcome

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