Ducks in pools??


Jun 16, 2017
Tempe, AZ
Hey there everyone it's been a while since I've posted here but alas I am back with another question! It's getting hot! And my grandfather has a pool nobody uses. It's chlorine and it is taken care of by a pool boy so it's not dirty or anything and I was wondering if I could take my ducks over for an hour or two to play in it? We don't have any water source deep enough for my pekin drake to actually swim/float so I thought it would be nice for him to get a chance to see what it's like but I am so worried about the chlorine. This wouldn't be an every day thing, like once in a great while, this may be the only time at all, but is it ok? There's a ton of mixed answers online and I've seen plenty of wild ducks hanging out in pools but I still want to make sure!
Chlorine probably isn’t the best for him but one time probably wouldn’t be a big deal. I used to let my ducks swim in our salt water pool almost everyday no problem until I built them a proper pond and had no problems. You could look into buying him a pond liner. Some of the smaller ones at Lowe’s are decently priced.
I think she’d be fine this once like I said my ducks used to swim in my pool all the time and one of them was my crested grey mallard and my two snowy mallard hens.
I had the same question with a very similar situation:

Someone brought up the concern for Black Algae and that is what convinced me to not let them swim. It was so cute watching them do it that once and they dove and splashed all over the pool! We also had a pool man come out to tend to it, but I figured it had the potential to do a lot of harm and wasn’t worth the risk.

I (reluctantly) vote no!

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