ducks or chickens


Pheasant Obsessed
11 Years
Apr 1, 2008
The Sticks, Vermont
Today I got a ad in the store that has ducks and chickens. I am getting pheasant may 20 and I want another type of bird. What kind? also he guy at the store sold me a heat lamp and a bulb I am not sure if it will work because the shade/braket is good for 150 watt bulbs and the heat lamp is 250 watts Will it work???? It's not even like a brooding light! what a ripoff
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I can't help you with the bird choice, I know nothing about pheasants (though I have ducks), but you shouldn't put a hotter lamp in a socket rated for less. A fire could start. They were idiots to sell you that combo, unless they somehow thought you had the other parts for a second lamp at home.

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