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  1. This is my story line thread! Welcome! No need for exceptions just jump right in


    Don't get off topic
    No swearing
    No plagiarism
    This is my own made up story do whatever you want as long as there isn't some odd twist, super powers, or bloodthirsty war

    Have fun!

    I ran as fast as my four paws could carry me. I knew I shouldn't have stole from another pack it was against pack law. But, the meat, it was so tempting, I couldn't help myself. An alpha stopped in front of me, blocking my path. I stopped, dead in my tracks, the meat hanging out the side of my mouth. The alpha looked down at me and snarled, I dropped the meat sand sunk into submission. I was deathly afraid of the punishment that was to come.
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  2. I waited for a bite to the face... nothing. I opened my eyes, he was still there, just waiting. He lunged forward, I flinched but nothing came. He had the meat in his mouth. He gave it to another wolf beside him, who ran off to bring the meat back to the pack. He just stood over me, staring me down with his silver eyes. I trembled, maybe it was a surprise attack. I closed my eyes, then opened them. He was gone, what? That didn't make any sense how could he... maybe I had my eyes closed for longer than I thought. I sighed with relief. "FairStep." A voice rang in my ears. Who was calling my name? I turned to see my mother waiting for me, her teeth bared, and growling.
  3. I lowered my head in submission and looked at the ground. She stared me down still growling
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    It always seemed my whole life was designed to be nothing but a lowly wolf. Last to eat, last to drink and never one that other wolves wanted to be around. Even the hunger in my stomach, gnawed it's constant complaint. A wolf denied too much, could grow bold with desperation. But none of that mattered now, for I had broken and had been caught breaking wolf law. Though I had escaped one packs punishment, didn't mean my pack was going to show me any mercy. They never had before, why would they start now? Looking over at my mothers enraged face, I got up and walked to her. All the while mentally preparing myself for the restitution I was going to have to give. The rending of my flesh for the flesh I had stolen. But I could still taste that meat upon my tongue. That they couldn't take from me.
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    My paws padded across the snowy ground as I walked ever closer towards my furious mother, her snarling face watching my every move. Fear filled my body, questions filled my mind. I wanted to be free from this way of life, I wanted to run away, but I knew I couldn' least, not yet.
    My knees trembled as I reached my mother, I knew I had to receive my punishment.
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    True to my prediction, she lashed out her ire, as soon as I got within range. So I hit the ground, in my best submissive position. Just hoping to curtail her vengeance. "FairStep!"she sneered. "You have overstepped, yet again. But this time, it's unforgivable!" She finished through her clenched teeth and growling resolve.
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    (is this like blues story thingy thread thing)
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    (No. In Blue's story thread you are yourself. In this thread you depict the actions of a wolf. Each person describes the next part of the wolf's journey. :) )
    (Sorry, that's as best as I can describe it. :/ )
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    I knew what was coming, and a tear rolled down my cheek, I knew I would be banished, or I would be killed.
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    But the more I thought about it, the more the possibility of my banishment wasn't such a bad idea. Instead, there came to life a glimmer of hope. That then, maybe my life could start for real. No more pack dynamics to rule my every moment and no more groveling for scraps, that even the buzzards didn't want. I would finally be my own wolf. But if the mandate was for my death, I would never have that opportunity of freedom. which sparked a notion, that Perhaps I should run away while there's only one wolf. Before we got back into our packs territory. So now it was only a matter of opportunity and my meager courage to carry it out.

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