Dust-free dust bath? or close as possible

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10 Years
May 3, 2009
Elizabethtown, KY
We have a silkie with a runny eye, we've tried everything from vitamins, anitbiotics, yogurt, apple sauce and apple cider vinegar in water(not all at same time to see what worked)...We then took out the wood shavings bedding and replaced with the soft bunny bedding, they love it by the way, so the next thing is we were wondering if the dust bath, which is 99% sand and kicks up serious dust cloud, should be the next test to see if that's what continuing to irritate her...

Thoughts on replacing the dust bath material?!?!...Or others!
Try changing it to new clean play sand and see.

Did you use topical or systemic anti-biotics for the eye?

Eye cruddies was my first sign of MG from a leaking (and didn't know it) water source into some litter.

Look for a damp area of the coop/run or somwhere nearby that may be harbouring mold/fungus. Some birds just are more sensitive to such things.

Good luck.
Thank you for the info, I guess I should have added more info...

She's had the leak since we got her, about a month ago, and it's only in one eye...We thought it was stress then started on the treatments...

She lives inside, 2 ft from me!!!, with another one for now and I clean the cage every other day or so(for my benefit as much as theirs, LOL), so we have good control on stress and environment...We're just trying to see if something we were doing or providing for her was perpetuating this...Sometimes it's gone for days then it's back and it's not really 'bad', no swelling and she doesn't even seem to notice but it's not right...

What's MG?!?!?!?

We used Oxytetracycline and only put in water...
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