early signs of a broody hen?


9 Years
Jul 15, 2010
Glenfield, ny
Ok, I know this has been on here before, and I already looked through some old posts but i was hoping for some real time advice. I have a Buff Orpingto almost a year old that has been acting strangely the last two days. She has been keeping a little bit apart from the rest of the flock ( there are only 5) and she has been very vocal. Not loud, just vocal, a lot of quiet clucks, bawks and other sounds. Today when i let them out of the coop she didn't come out, just stayed on the roost. I carried her out to where the other ones were and she walked around with her feathers all puffed out (reminded me of a tom turkey) and for a second it looked like she was doing the mating dance around my Roo! LOL! Last, the last few days she seems to be taking an extra long time in the nest box to lay her eggs, like 2 hours. The first time i noticed this I thought she was eggbound but that is not the case. So, am I right in thinking she may be getting ready to go broody? Thanks for your help!
I have a Buff Orpington and when went to check on her, in her nest, she puffed up her feathers real big and raised her hackles. Then she made this low like half cluck half growl sound. None of my chickens have ever been like this and I have NO idea what to do!

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