Easiest way to get the Wormer down a Donkey's stubborn throat!!???

Get something topical you can just spray on him.
You can try pelleted that you mix with grain--adding some molasses helps A LOT to get this down. If you donkey can be bitted, there are medicinal bridles where you inject the paste into the "bit" for them to take. Quest and others are dissolvable gel so they have a hard time spitting it out. I've even mixed paste with grain and molasses for a gelding that wouldn't take wormer or shots--glad HE"S gone!! (He also bucked me off and broke my arm--he's NOT missed!!)
I do it on a horse, but theoretically we'll call it the same thing.

I use a paste. Put it in the side of his mouth, he will lick when you squirt. When you've reached the dose, push his head up so that he is swallowing the paste, be prepared for droolage.

OR, you could twitch him but I've never had to do that.
OK--Let's take a vote--who here THINKS that a twitch works???????????????????????????????

All I've EVER seen is a twitch that works on a horse that DOESN'T NEED ONE!!!

The ornary ones keep acting up WITH THE TWITCH ON!!!

Who invented this crazy contraption?!?!?!?!?
I'm sorry but I have seen twitches work WONDERS.

Twitching the upper lip causes the brain to release endorphins that calm the horse. The effects can last for approximately 5-10 minutes after the twitch has been removed. It is the best way, especially if you are dealing with a horse that is known to "freak" over menial tasks such as clipping, shaving, grooming, etc.

Here's a link:
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I don't have problems giving wormer to our older horse I just wrap an arm around her neck and slide the "shot" into her mouth and squeeze the paste in. She doesn't like it but it goes down. My younger horse doesn't like it at all and won't let me get near her with it, so I just squeeze it into her oats and mix them all up good and then I just make sure she eats it! Simple if they eat it!
Core out a carrot ............. LOL Normally I have to grab the head and stick it in their mouth before they put their head up out of reach............ except my paint mare- she tries to eat the whole tube, loves the stuff....

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