East Coast dwellers, ducks, and Hurricane Irene.


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Apr 22, 2011
Hello all.

I live in Northen Vermont, and am new to ducks. The effects here from Irene will be tropical storm/depression strength at best. I'm wondering if I should keep my ducks penned in their overnight house during the storm. Which could be most of the day. If I provide them with three sided shelter will they use it? Could the wind blow their feathers off?
What are your plans to weather the storm?
Thanks. I hope this doesn't sound to ignorant.
No, the wind won't blow their feathers off or the world would be populated with featherless birds as many face such storms. Conceivably extremely strong winds might blow your ducks away if they take flight. They will use the 3 sided enclosure if they feel that the need.
We've had quite a few storms recently and the ducks and geese are the only ones that don't seem bothered by it. Some may "duck and cover"
but often they just shake it off and some even go swimming

Someone sent me this link and I thought it appropriate.
I initially laughed at this but when they kept going I have to admit I was a bit horrified
The only thing I could think of was "road rash". Talk about getting blown around! Hopefully, they did "duck and take cover" after that!!!
Our ducks and geese are LOVING the wind today as it picks up. Getting lots of wing beating and running around the yard.the ducklings have all come in on the pool enclosure and spent the morning in our pool playing. Almost time to put the ducklings away before the harder wind and rain hits us.
OMG!! I hope that mama got her babies under cover! I always worry when I see the wild duck moms out here taking their babies out on the Potomac when there's white caps! I'm not a huge worry wort with my ducks but, for heavens sake, they live on a protected property so there's less to worry about!
Here in Connecticut we are expecting Irene to arrive as a CAT 1 on Sunday. I plan on bringing the entire flock into the garage and leaving them on a tarp for the vast majority of the storm. I am not so worried about the wind taking them, I am worried about old trees falling on there enclosure. Since these storms are so rare for us, we have many many old trees that could likely come down much easier than they do down south.

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