Easter Cochin!


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6 Years
Feb 12, 2013
I'm not sure what the popular opinion is on Easter dyed chicks, but seeing a brooder full of brightly colored puffballs at my local feed store was a little too much for me to resist, reguardless of how many chicks I had back home. So, I made some excuse about getting it for my three year old (even though I knew she would love it as much as I did) and picked out a little feather-footed chick dyed bright blue. I assumed it was a cochin, because it has yellow legs, and is a standard size chick. My feed store usually gets their chicks from Cackle, so now that the chick is getting real feathers in that are not dyed blue, I was hoping someone could help guess what its true colors are beneath its dye job.

For some reason I didn't even consider the idea of it being a Brahma
I feel dumb, lol.
Well, I think most people that see feathered feet think Cochin. And when they are little (and a distracting color lol) the comb might not be so obvious. I have a light brahma, so I recognized the coloring of the wings right away. It's a great breed! Mine is my biggest hen and can't fly worth a lick! So I wouldn't suggest free range. She couldn't get away from a dog if she tried!! But she's very comical about it, when she gets excited or happy she hops all over the place...occasionally landing on a flock mate who ends up not thinking that's as cute as I do

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